Online businesses need more dedication, intelligent work; you should analyze the purchasing habits of the customers, and appearance than offline sales. You need to take care of user experiences, designs of your e-commerce application; you should apply some useful tools to attract your customers. As the competition increased, your e-commerce website must contain some advanced tools/features to attract your targeted customers. Every E-commerce store must have a website, and it is evenly essential to have all the necessary tools/features to assure success.  A good e-commerce website will offer all the needed tools/features to be successful. Here are some advanced tools/features which every e-commerce website must contain.

An Advanced Search

advanced features of ecommerce website

For the development of an efficient website, there are several things to be considered. A search bar is a needed aspect of an e-commerce website. A search bar is essentially a small box that can be added to your website, which allows people to search your complete website for what they are looking for. You have more than a hundred posts/pages on your website. To increase the user experience, the search bar plays an important role in the sense that it allows users to search through your website quickly and easily. Search bar easily navigate your consumers to have their favorite products. To narrow down the search result, the customer can just insert their query and simply click on the search button. It is faster and easier to find a product, especially if your site has lots of products to offer. Quicker search-ability means, you are reducing the added effort that your customer might have to implement, had there been no such option. Whichever page a visitor lands on, they can easily search what they need and easily navigate around your complete site.

Good design

 advanced features of an ecommerce website

The first impression is the lasts, 94% of people are mark their first impression to move forward. The design of an e-commerce website should be different from a blog or a website, the main purpose to build an e-commerce store is to showcase the products. It must avoid the use of creative work and stick on business goals. Designing a page with glamour may benefit a fashion shop, but not the one with general electronics. You should beautify your website with the color combinations and easy navigation to explore the entire website. You should add some attractive contents with the products. Using the wrong design convey wrongly to your customers.

Sign up procedure

advanced features of an ecommerce website

Firstly, a customer sing up should be very simple and easy, because sign up with more procedure will irritate your customer, there is the chance of going out of your website because of the irritation he gets. The e-Commerce website must need customers to get registered for a smooth shopping experience and avail the advanced features. A user account allows them to place orders easily and tracks back the progress of each order. Some of the users are unwilling to fill a long form to sign up for an account. The successful stores have an easy sign-up procedure. It may be either register through social media accounts, email addresses or cell phone numbers. It will help them easily remember the sign-in details so that they do not have to remember the passwords.

Displaying related products

advanced features in ecommerce website

Displaying related products in a sidebar or a block is one of the most engaging features that are equally beneficial for the sellers and customers. Visitors that land on a product page, they like to browse the store further if they are happy with the features. The display of similar products or relevant posts is among the most demanding features, customers will dig it into more and they spend more time in your e-commerce website. The addition of relevant products can help merchants to help customers in buying more products. If you are not familiar with the significance of extensions, you can read the tutorials to start with.

Multiple payment gateways

 advanced features in ecommerce website

Having more than one payment gateways ensures a higher conversion rate. Paying for products through a reliable source is one of the major constraints that all the customers face. The payment procedure of small businesses is well defined as the customers can pay cash or via local banks. The situation becomes more difficult for a multiregional e-commerce website when they have to configure multiple payment gateways. PayPal is a reliable payments solution, but not available in some of the major revenue generating countries, so that multiple payment gateways should be there on your e-commerce website. The successful entrepreneurs have effective alternatives in place to serve customers from different regions with easy payment gateways on your e-commerce website.

Managing the order

advanced features in ecommerce website

An inventory management panel clarifies the task of the sellers where one can get complete information concerning Buyer Cancellation, Exchange, and COD order verification, Refunds, Order Status Update and more. The panel helps the marketer manage his inventory fulfillment and oversee the completion of the same. Manual processing gives more chances for errors that can mainly affect your business, which is why utilizing automation is necessary for e-marketers and suppliers looking for smoother operations. Order management will make the ordering of products and services a breeze. From tracking order and vendor information to automating product deliveries based on consumers or production demand, order management carries out new and innovative solutions for businesses operating in multiple channels. It’s a great move, as long as you chose one of the best providers.

The success of most of the websites is determined by not only the products what you sell and how well the website is marketed, but also by the advanced features the website offers both the consumers and the website owner. As an e-commerce website owner, it is must, that you have the tools to manage your e-commerce website and that the advanced features fit with your business processes.