Jayblues Technologies has developed the best ERP Application that allows an organization integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, sales, and marketing in a single database, application and the user interface. We use advanced technologies and adopted new trends like Mobile ERP, Cloud ERP, Social ERP, Two-tier ERP.

Many companies are in search of ERP software to help manage their business efficiently and customized design according to their business needs. At Jayblues technologies, we know that every business has their own needs and various operations to perform.
There are many ERP solutions available on the market that might seem cheaper than this one, but if you also consider the maintenance, they don’t seem so cheap anymore. Maintenance is a problem you won’t have anymore if you decide to use ERP which is developed by Jayblues Technologies. However, upgrades are available when you feel that your business’ needs require more features a 24/7 Support is also available.

We provide an ERP application with more features such as –

  • Integration

An ERP system will automate the business processes in order to make the business more efficient and offer the better visibility into that process, the challenges of ERP system integration involve both the age of the systems, the architecture of these systems, etc. our ERP system offer the better integration

  • Automation

Automation integrates processes and breaks the traditional system within an organization. An ERP software system will automate regular business processes and store information in a centralized location, not only making the data readily accessible to all those users who need it to perform tasks, but also enabling automated communication between various departments.

  • Data Analysis

Data analysis is an essential aspect for business, analyzing your business data using ERP is one of the major activities businesses do in order to find and use integral operational information. ERP application enables all the ERP users to analyze information in real-time.

  • Reporting

Producing report aims to influence the various departments of the organization. With the help of ERP software system which has the central database that links various departments of a business; it strives to create a partnership with each of the organization’s departments.

  • CRM

If you want to streamline the business process and boost productivity, consider ERP and as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM offers you the complete view such as purchase behavior, order history, account standing, and preferences of your customer. Your employees can easily access important information in real-time and enhanced productivity through streamlining processes and automating workflow.

  • Accounting

When using ERP system there is no duplicate entry and no need manual data entry and it makes work fast and consistency. There is no room for human error, and provide access to many additional types of reporting which gives you the transparency. It provides more control over your business.

  • Tracking and Visibility

With the help of ERP software system, businesses can easily keep track of all your business information in a single application, without having to refer to numerous spreadsheets or disconnected software systems. ERPs offer a one-stop place for all business management, with the features that are specific to your particular industry so that every requirement of the business is met within the software. At Reflex, we offer modern integrated ERP systems for all kind of industries.

  • Mobile Functionality

Supporting for the mobile functionality is one the main advantages we offer in our ERP software system, ERP solution designed for mobile devices such as iOS and Android tablets or Smartphone. Using a dedicated mobile app or a standard mobile browser, users access the mobile platform over the internet. With the help of a mobile ERP solution, you and your employees can access and share business data in real-time through the use of mobile devices and these solutions will provide this level of access without a high investment or the need to make any remarkable changes to your infrastructure.

  • Project Management

ERP software has found lots of application in the project management field, and vendors offer packages which enable project managers to deal with plans, resource assignments, schedules, budgets and estimates in an integrated way, linked to valid and present corporate data. An ERP system which is used as the backbone of the project management system would facilitate more efficient communications, reduce data duplication, integrate interrelated functions, and provide real-time operational visibility.

  • Human Capital Management

ERP solution provides a complete and integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your employees. You can hire the best talent, employee skills, align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate and measure and reward performance. And you can automate all the core HR processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support compliance. And when you want to outsource HR processes or run an internally shared service center, the solution supports these deployment models in ways that reduce risk and cost also.

  • Customization Capabilities

Customization of ERP software system becomes necessary in each and every part of the technology and because of this technology development, most of the organizations desired to customize their software according to their requirement. Customization is the process of fixing the chosen ERP software system to the needs of a particular business organization. Whenever the processes represented in the ERP software various remarkably from the processes used by the firm one has two options. The first one is to build the organizational process into the ERP software via customization and the second one is to change the practice followed by the firm to suit the process native to the ERP software system.

  • Enhanced visibility

ERP software will ensure that each process is visible to the various departments which are involved in the business. This could include both junior and senior management, as well as shareholders or stakeholders and ensures that each process is traceable.

  • Cost-effective

By reducing or eliminating delays and communication issues and the analysis of real-time data, ERP software system will reduce operational costs with a view to maximizing profits. Offering ERP software with the ability to obtain accurate data at any step of the manufacturing process means that better efficiency and problem-solving become standard practice in the enterprise.

We offer a customized ERP solution according to your business needs and providing a complete industry solution for you. ERP software is very much needed for every business; no matter it is small, medium or large size.