Internet marketing is a must when you have a website or have a business online. It is important for businesses of any size and from any industry. And, there’s no doubt it has changed the way we do business on a global scale. Conversion rates suffer when brands fall victim to common internet marketing myths and misconceptions. Be aware of the following myths and avoid them at all costs if you want to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Myth 1: Content is not important for the design

A great design can get the user’s attention but to capture user’s attention, a meaningful content is a must. If you believe that once your website is up and it’s enough that is a big mistake, the website must have relevant updated content that engages your target audience. Having consistent content not only helps you rank higher on search engines, but it sends a positive message to your target audience.

Myth 2: Only one social media platform is enough           

There are many popular social media platforms available and each social media platforms connect your business with a new audience and you can connect worldwide. It helps to target your ideal customers and you can analyze your customers need. Social media platforms help to increase your brand popularity.

Myth 3: Once marketing strategy failed – its end

You can easily analyze your marketing strategy if you fail once you will get another chance to make a different strategy and you can see how it works. If you fail once it does not mean that is the end of your business or marketing strategy, you can learn from your mistakes. In digital marketing, you get a chance to try another strategy again and see how it works.

 Myth 4: It takes more time

Every business owner desire to rank high on search engine very quickly, but there is barely any shortcuts to success, except pay per click advertising.  When you start to market your business online, you have to wait and watch for the results. Selecting the right digital marketing company is the most important job of a business owner.

Myth 5: Negative comments on social media will harm business growth 

Social media is the best platform to know your customers need and their behavior of purchase. According to Jayblues technologies, a leading digital marketing company in Bangalore, if a customer likes your product they will give positive comments on your business that leads to the growth of your business. If you are facing negative feedback, the only thing you need to do is block out the user. Remember that the more you invest in your brand on social and try to grow your presence, the more brand loyalties will come to you.

Myth 6: No need for the website when business is on social media

When people want for something they will first Google it if they could not find then they will try other ways. So that website is important, a high-quality site must be the focus of your digital marketing efforts. This is where people buy your product or service. However, if your website is slow and is not updated till then these are the bad outcomes for your business. 

Myth 7: Audiences from mobile do not convert

Nowadays people use handy devices like mobile, tablets more than desktops. People who search for the particular query will definitely become your customers if they satisfied with your products. It’s important to have a mobile-friendly website; otherwise, you will not have successful conversions. Also, it’s important to have a short form on a mobile device along with a responsive website.

Myth 8: Retargeting is not good

Retargeting can leads to great success if you have done it in right. It helps re-engage consumers and keep your brand on the top of their mind. However, with the right strategy, it is sure to help your business grow in ways you never expected.

I hope this blog helped you, we assure that our team of well experienced and professionals in digital marketing will take your business to the next step that will help you to stand out of the competition. If you learned from this blog please use the comment section below and contact us for the best web design and development.