Mobile optimized experiences enable you to offer your customers a more effective, engaging and efficient user experience than your responsive website could ever do. Responsive websites only address the problems of mobile users to a certain extent; to deliver a truly memorable user experience, you need a mobile app.

Just look around; nearly every company worth its salt invests in mobile application development today. Why? Obviously it reaps significant benefits.  Let’s talk about why you should consider building a mobile app for your company.

Mobile Penetration is Globally Increasing:

People all over the world are increasingly going mobile. Whether it’s looking for information, booking tickets, buying fashion or anything else, people are turning to their mobile phones to perform these tasks – and there is no turning back. Your online branding activities are being increasingly accessed through mobile channels.

Enhanced Brand Visibility:

Mobile apps make it easy for your customers to purchase on the go. Whether they are waiting in line, traveling, when they have trouble falling asleep at night, or in a boring meeting, a mobile app will let them browse and purchase at their convenience. Basically, you are visible to them at all times.

Build Loyalty:

You’ve seen how your mobile app can create and grow awareness about your brand. Among all the flyers, banners, TV ads and so on, you need to be able to stand out and be seen by potential customers. A mobile app is pretty much like an empty canvas – you can design it the way you want; you can create it to shock, excite, educate, entertain or anything else you want; but above all, you can develop an app to include features your customers, present and potential, will love. At the same time, your mobile app can be functional, beautiful and of course, branded – all in one!

Direct Marketing Channel and Improved Customer Engagement:

A mobile application can serve several purposes; it can give information, mention prices, allow users to create accounts, search, deliver news feeds, capture user info in forms, and facilitate messengers, and so on. By delivering all this information to your customers’ fingertips, you can remind them about your products and services when you need it without having to spend money on advertising. For example, you can offer them ‘special’ previews and early bird offers on new products or products on sale through push messages.

Provide Value to your Customers:

You can digitize your loyalty program; no more distributing cards; instead, you can allow your customers to collect and redeem reward points through the app. You can be sure that more people will download the app – and you can also see more of them coming back to you.

Quicker Sales and Easier Service:

The development of mobile applications has changed the way we buy and sell products and services forever. Customers are able to analyze a product thoroughly before making a purchase decision; they have far more options than before. They can buy with just a few taps on their screens. When your app provides customers with the information they need, you are providing exemplary customer service.

Capture Data in Real Time:

An app saves you time, money and effort in collecting information about a client. Apps can capture customer info, preferences, actions (to record browsing and purchase history), and use this data to deliver relevant, personalized content. This will help customers in making quicker decisions, and will give you an insight as to improvements you may need to make to your app, based on customer usage.

Greater Convenience:

Users often have to scroll, search and tap several times to navigate to where they want to on a mobile web site. But with a mobile application, the amount of information and data is minimal, allowing the app to perform much more efficiently. Users will be able to navigate far more quickly and easily, and are more likely to stay focused on their task with an app as compared to a website.